Anything you’ve even dreamed about is possible

to realise just at the moment when you decided to win.

Robertas Pledas


ACTOR OR HUMAN: portrait book to be explored

An actor or a human being? This book is a collection of my experiences and reflections, a book that allows the reader to take a closer look at the relationships between actors, people, and themselves.

The inspiration came quite naturally. During photoshoots, I caught myself thinking that when an actor appeared in front of the lens, I only needed to capture their acting skills and the road would be a rosy one. However, the reality was much more challanging. With each new actor that I worked with, I became more and more convinced that my assumption was wrong, and that people came to me with the emotions of their daily lives first and foremost. It’s only then, according to each person’s desire or mood, that they show their true selves as actors.

I captured endless types of facial expressions, and collecting such an incredibly rich diversity of moods and emotions in my archive fascinated me. Quarantine began, which provided a great medium to purify my thoughts and start doing something new and creative. This is how I found the grants/scholarships announced by the Culture Council, so I signed up and was lucky enough to get a scholarship. Money is symbolic, but it was a big motivator to move forward because I realized that someone liked my vision.

It’s been a year since the first click of the camera to the idea and the printing of the book, which is already within reach. This creative adventure has taught me so many things, for which I am grateful to all those who contributed to the project and their faith and willingness to help me.

While creating and preparing the book for the press, I clearly understood that the project was created first of all for myself as a mirror to which I could look, secondly that it would be a national, Lithuanian-scale evaluated work that has no parallel, and thirdly that it would be a book that unites artistic, historical and cultural context.


– main focus is on the Human face and expression of it –